Medical clinic construction has been evolving as new medical breakthroughs force to bring more specific environments for health professionals. Moderrn healthcare installations design and construction are mainly based on patients needs to deliver a valuable care for them and a better building management experience.

We organize Health Facilities having in mind all the necessary medical equipment and space functions to keep patients provided with full quality services.


Clinical Facilities Development Consulting

We help you establish the correct design and logistics for your Medical Clinic, always considering the needs and quality of care of your patients and staff.

Work along our team to create a specific structure that will automatically create a valuable domino effect to have convenient access to every equipment, facility, and care function. We create an environment that positively affects patient outcomes.


Clinical Facilities Construction

Our commitment to research about medical innovations allows us to understand how healthcare construction and design is evolving.

We build, plan, and coordinate the construction of your clinic according to your budget, special conditions or needs, expectations, and specifications through an in-depth meeting where we can discuss the goals of the project and actions that will require to reach them.

We care about a collaborative and interactive design in order to have a strong and efficient blueprint with the construction solutions and Life Cycle Analysis previously discussed.


Medical Equipment & Supplies

We are a trusty connector to bring the right medical equipment to your clinic facilities. Muniz International Company LLC will help provide the right distributors for specialized medical technology such as X-rays, ultrasounds, sterilizers, vital signs monitors, simulators, among others needed for the correct function of the facilities.

Our team of professional collaborators allows us to supervise the project from beginning to end, having control of the final product to keep expectations satisfied with the complete and unified version of the vision we projected.